November 5th, 2013

Bucks and Burrs! Great Season for Prois Staffer, Jennifer Morgan~~

By:  Jennifer Morgan

Hey there fellow huntresses!

I harvested this nice mulie buck in NE New Mexico on the morning of Oct 28. I passed on a few (which I have never done before) had a failed stalking attempt and was starting to kick myself for passing on some the first two days.

I am wearing my brand spanking new Gen X pants & pro edition jacket in the badass Mountain Mimicry pattern. The weather was cold in the mornings then warm in the afternoons, but no swampiness was experienced (lol!!!!) The jacket was great to layer with my ultra hoodie. First morning was quite brisk with a breeze and I was quite comfortable. Good wind stopping material. I really love this material as it’s shell is super quite.

The only problem is that every dry grass seed & burr stuck to my pant legs. I’ve tried duct tape, plucking ‘em out (this works but I’m now crosseyed)… Any words of the wise on the best way to remove? Other than that small issue I loved how my new gear performed!!!

***A word from Prois…burrs and seeds do tend to adhere to the brushed fabrics and this is a problem with most fabrics unless you go with a cordura (very loud and hot) or some sleek laminates (again, loud and hot). We too have experienced this and have had some luck with using a credit card/gift card to scrape the burrs. It is a bit faster but not always the perfect answer!***

Looking forward to more hunts!

Prois Staffer Jennifer Morgan


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One Response to Bucks and Burrs! Great Season for Prois Staffer, Jennifer Morgan~~

  1. Katherine Grand says:

    I wear boot gaiters and they work great to keep out snow, debris, mud and burrs etc.

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