October 24th, 2013

Layering Tips Per Prois Staffer Shannon Rasmussen!

By: Shannon Rasmussen
Prois Event Staff

Each and every time that I head out on my next hunting adventure, I am always so impressed with the high quality of my Prois Hunting Apparel. On my recent buck hunt I used a layering system that for me personally was perfect for the temperature and activity level of the hunt. My base layer was my Ultra Short Sleeve Shirt in Realtree AP. I always wear this shirt as my base layer for when the temperatures are warmer in the afternoon. Over that shirt I wear my Ultra Long Sleeve Shirt. I love this shirt!!! It is warm, yet lightweight enough that I don’t get overheated while hiking. I always wear my Reversible Sherpa Fleece Vest as my final layer as it is great for any hunting situation. During archery season I wear it with the Realtree AP side facing out, then during rifle season with the Blaze Orange side facing out. This vest is one of my favorite articles of hunting clothing. It is so warm and comfortable to wear while hiking or sitting and glassing for game. Speaking of glassing for game, I always carry my Pro Edition Jacket in my backpack for those chilly mornings and evenings when we are sitting for long periods of time. It is the perfect addition to wear under my Sherpa Vest during those frigid moments of the hunt. Finally, I need to mention my Realtree AP baseball cap and Sherpa Beanie. They are a winning combination! I carry both in my backpack and swap them out according to temperature and level of sunlight. I also like to wear them together for those bright, sunny, yet cold days. No one huntress is the same, so I recommend trying out different layering scenarios until you find the one that is perfect for you, but as long as you are layering with Prois Hunting and Field Apparel for Women you can’t go wrong!!

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