September 11th, 2013

NEW Prois Field Staffer Becky Lou Lacock!!

Becky Lou Lacock is an avid outdoors girl from the word GO! But it hasn’t been that long ago her life took a turn from indoors to EXTREME Outdoors! Her shooting and hunting adventures began later in life, and her excitement and enthusiasm just seems to spill out onto everyone around her.

Born and raised in Louisiana, now residing in Texas, Becky Lou is 110% girl and will be the first to tell you that she doesn’t like bugs, critters, or snakes, but her passion for being outdoors is strong and a little dirt, or even or a tick (or two) cannot keep her from all the adventures that lie beyond the Wild Blue Yonder! She actively hunts year round including but not limited to deer, Turkey, Hogs, Ducks, Birds, and always and various predators. Sport shooting is often on her agenda including Sporting Clays, and she actively competes in Cowboy Action Shooting noted with her registered S.A.S.S alias “Sassy Bandit”.

Spending most of her life indoors, she is keenly aware that there are many women that do not consider most outdoor sports simply because they do not have 3 very important things; 1.) Information, 2.) Encouragement and 3.) Inspiration. This has helped define her mission in life, which is to provide these 3 things to women using all platforms made available to her.

Becky Lou in noted in the industry as a contributor to bringing awareness to the women of the world that the door to the Outdoor World is open to each and everyone of them. As a Freelance writer, she contributes stories and product reviews for various online and printed magazines and websites. She organizes women’s hunts across the country, appears for motivational seminars with emphasis on the fact that the door is open, and the Welcome sign is out for women into the Great Outdoors!

She is an avid volunteer for events and workshops teaching and inspiring women into outdoor activities. With her first TV appearance in early 2010, she has since appeared several times, as guest host, featured hunter, and is currently Co-Host of Double Lung Outdoors TV.

Early on she coined and later trademarked the phrase “Camo can be Classy”™, and can often be quoted with her favorite line, “Shooting.. it may be for you, or it may not, but it is definitely worth a Shot!”

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