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Grabbing Life by the Horns- A Silver Lining Leads to a Trophy Whitetail

It’s funny how sometimes horrible things happen in your life but within that horrible event good things happen that never would have happened if not for that horrible event. That’s how I feel sometimes when I think of my accident. No doubt is has been the hardest thing my husband and I have had to deal with, but in the same sense it has brought us closer and we look at life in a whole new perspective now. Things you would have thought important before are no longer, and you learn to be very grateful for what you do have. We have also met some wonderful people since my accident and that is how this little story began….

I went to Panama in January of 2011 for stem cell therapy. While we were there, my husband and I met a wonderful couple. They too were there for stem cell therapy because the wife has Multiple Sclerosis and the disease had taken over her body at a rapid speed. She too was in a wheelchair. While I was in treatment, Levi started talking to them man and their conversation soon turned to hunting. We come to find out they own a whitetail ranch in Texas. We immediately became close friends with them and they opened the invitation to have us down to their ranch.

So this January we went to Texas and they let me shoot a VERY beautiful whitetail. Bigger than any deer most people could only imagine shooting. We had an awesome time down there. We are so fortunate to meet people like them who also are going through tough times but still are so gracious and kind. We hope to visit again to see them and maybe go hunting again. It surely was a great way to start off a new year. The whitetail scored 200 and even though the picture doesn’t show very good detail he has great palmation on his left which is about as wide a my palm across. Beautiful animal, awesome time, and wonderful people. You can’t get much better than that!

Grabbing Life by the Horns- Karma, Sweet Karma…

By: Gina McLeod

After my bad luck doe hunting this year, I was a little weary to think about buck hunting during the Colorado fourth season. My husband and I went to Evergreen, Colorado in efforts to fill my tag. It was on the second day we were there that my husband spotted a very nice muley not far off the side of the road. This shot, of course was about 20 yards off the fence line in the area where we were hunting. Did I mention it was on the WRONG side of the fence line?

We were hunting with a friend of ours and he knew the property owners in the area. He decided to contact the owner of the property where the buck was located and ask if I could gain permission to hunt the buck on his property. Despite the fact that our friend had allowed this particular property owner to hunt his property in the past, the property owner refused to allow me to hunt the buck. I did become upset- being confined to a wheelchair makes hunting a bit more challenging and seeing a gorgeous muley standing broadside and not being able to take a shot was so frustrating.

We decided to drive down the road a bit in the hopes that the buck would eventually jump the fence if we left him alone. On our way back up we heard a gunshot! The property owner that refused to give us permission to hunt the buck decided to race home to shoot the buck for himself! As Karma would have it, he missed his shot. The buck jumped the fence and I was able to take my own shot. I shot him at about 60 yards and he went down!

Talk about some good luck! He is a beautiful non-typical and scored 193. I was very happy! Interestingly, the property owner was only 200 yards from me as I shot the buck!

I just wonder though, how mad that guy must have been that his buck was taken not only by a girl…but a girl in a wheelchair! I guess what goes around comes around.

Gina McLeod and her 2011 Buck!

Grabbing Life By the Horns! Giving the Crossbow a Try!

By: Gina McCleod

This season has been very busy for my husband and I. Between him guiding, my workouts, and trying to build a house it has been a little hectic. We are so excited to be building our own home, it has been a very long three years when you don’t have a place you can call yours. We are building it at the The Homestead Ranch since that is where we usually are most of the time anyways. Before I got hurt we had a beautiful place with all of our loved ones (dogs, horses, cats, and chickens) so it will be so wonderful to have a big family again!

I had a doe tag this year and since my accident I can no longer pull back my bow because I don’t have full use of my stomach and back muscles yet. I decided to borrow a friends crossbow and go for it. Let me tell you, a crossbow was weird! I have been having a hard time with it and I really hate to admit this, but I shot at a doe at 30 yards and missed! Now, can you tell me how you miss a deer and 30 yards when you have a scope on the crossbow?? I don’t consider myself an “extreme huntress” , but come on! So with Levi not having much time to take me out to hunt and me MISSING, I have had no luck with my doe tag. I defintely need to practice with the cross bow more before I try to shoot any more animals…. I am going to Evergreen,Colorado for 3rd season as I have a buck tag. THis hunt will be with a rifle so maybe I will have a little bit more luck with that! Unlike my hunting, my workouts have been going well and I’m improving very slowly but at least I am improving!

Gina and Levi McLeod continue to live in the Colorado mountains. Levi owns and operates the Homestead Ranch and Black Mesa Lodge in Crawford, Colorado.

Grabbing Life by the Horns…Introducing New Prois Blogger, Gina McLeod

At Prois, we have always been amazed, humored and touched by the stories of the women we have met through our journeys. As well, we have always felt that it is the sisterhood of like-minded women out there that make this company what it is. It is our pleasure and honor to introduce Gina McLeod- an amazing young lady with an incredible story of grit and triumph. Gina will be hosting her own blogspot with Prois Hunting Apparel…Grabbing Life by the Horns.

Grabbing Life by the Horns…
By: Gina McLeod

Every since I was a little girl, I was an outdoors girl. I had holes in my jeans, dirt on my face, and twigs in my hair. Ok, so maybe I was considered a hellion. While growing up I always had my love for horses and four-wheeling. As a teenager, my boyfriend introduced me to the world of hunting. Because my boyfriend, who is now my husband, was an outfitter I quickly got acquainted with the hunting lifestyle and grew to love it. I would go hiking and scouting with him and then eventually started carrying my own rifle. Eventually, this led to me going out to get a kill of my own.

Well, with hunting also came my love for dirt biking which gave me a great adrenaline rush. This is where this story really begins…. On September 21st, 2008 I was out with my best friend having a great day riding our dirt bikes when tragedy struck and I had a life changing accident. I shattered my T-4 and T-5 vertebrae in my back. I was 24 yrs old and paralyzed from my chest down. The doctor informed me I would never be able to walk again. Well okay, he gave me a 1% chance. I was hospitalized for 3 months and fought with many of the doctors because they were so pessimistic. They continued to tell me I was in denial because I had it in my head I was going to walk again no matter what any of them told me.

I have fought from the beginning and I am still fighting. I can gladly say much of my feeling has returned and I do have some movement in my legs. I work out every day and every month I can see small improvements. The year after my accident I finally went back out hunting with my husband and killed my first buck! As I grabbed onto those antlers I thought “now this is a rush I haven’t felt in a long time”.

Just to be back doing something outdoors again and feeling that adrenaline rush, it was amazing. I am not satisfied where I am at, which is in a wheelchair, and won’t be satisfied until I’m out of my chair. However, I have found that keeping a little bit of my old hobbies in my life has helped tremendously. I definetly do not take my life for granted now and can see things in a whole new perspective. I am grabbing life by the horns….

Levi and Gina McLeod

Gina and Levi McLeod continue to live in the Colorado mountains. Levi owns and operates the Homestead Ranch and Black Mesa Lodge in Crawford, Colorado.