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From the Ladies Room- Talking Turkey In Texas…Say That 3 Times Fast.

Prois CEO Kirstie Pike with Greg Badgett of Double B Outfitters.  Greg is pretending to have fun...but he is not.

Prois CEO Kirstie Pike with Greg Badgett of Double B Outfitters. Greg is pretending to have fun…but he is not.

By: Kirstie Pike, CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

Hunting Rios in Texas.  Who doesn’t want to do that?
Yeah, that’s what I thought…

I look forward to hunting Rios each spring with my friend and outfitter, Greg Badgett of Double B Outfitters near Ozona, Texas.  I’m not so sure he considers me a friend, but he’s not here as I write this so he can’t complain.  Sue me, Greg.

You might be asking yourself what makes hunting at the Double B so extraordinary.  You might not.  You may be asking yourself what you will make for dinner.  You might be asking yourself where you put your keys.  You might be asking yourself why anyone voted for Obama.  You might not.  But given the fact that you are still reading, I am assuming you are hanging on my every word.  Thank you.

The first time I hunted with Greg at the Double B I had only hunted turkeys a handful of times.  While I view sitting quietly for any amount of time longer than 10 minutes akin to being water boarded I do love hunting turkeys.  I had mentally prepared myself for my ritualistic turkey hunting maneuvers which include but are not limited to the following; mouth breathing, head bobbing, finding new ways to rejuvenate the blood flow to my lower extremities without any visible sign of movement and creative face paint application.  I charged my iPhone, packed a book and prepared to face the agonizing task of sitting quietly.  AKA- water boarding.

I was completely surprised when we spent the entire day on foot in hot pursuit.  We put on miles and got into turkeys left and right.  I was not relegated to a blind for hours at a time.  I didn’t have to contemplate the long term side effects of having my butt fall asleep.  I didn’t have to take boring selfies and put them on Facebook.  I didn’t read.  Not. One. Word.  That first hunt at the Double B resulted in my first Rio, a gorgeous tom, and I vowed to come back each spring.  Not that Greg really wanted me to but he is just polite that way.

This spring was no different .We logged a whopping 8 miles that first day and I couldn’t have been happier.  Well, except that I had no turkey, but that was only because Greg doesn’t know how to call.  Ok, that’s not true at all but I just wanted to see if you were still with me. He is a turkey calling Super Genius. On the next day of the hunt I had the good fortune to hit the canyons for a beautiful Spanish Goat that Greg unfortunately had to carry out of the canyons.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the goat made him stink.  Sorry, Greg.  But you did smell like dead goat.

Our last day of hunting was fantastic.  In the lulls of passing time, I was able to take two javelinas that had the misfortune of ambling past.   We later called in a group of toms that all came through strutting and strumming.  It was singularly the most beautiful sight.  I had never been set up in front of that many turkeys before.  I took a beautiful double bearded tom but not before we had to artfully switch places due to the fact I insisted on NOT sitting where Greg had suggested I sit.  I suppose this is sort of a confession.

On the serious side, I truly enjoy the experiences at Double B.  Greg and all of the guides have great senses of humor, patience and all are willing to teach.  They have to be patient to deal with eight certifiably crazy women at one time.  I’m not saying they enjoy it, but I pretend they do. Additionally, the lodging and food is remarkable!  Linda and Kendra man the kitchen and if you leave there hungry or skinnier than when you left you must have had your jaw wired shut.  We book women’s only spring turkey hunts and fall whitetail hunts  annually and pack the joint each time.  For more information about Double B Outfitters and for more information about the Prois Women’s Only Hunt contact


From the Prois Ladies Room~ 4 Great Tips for Running & Gunning Turkeys

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women


Great Turkey Tips for Fidgeters!

I confess.  I cannot sit still.  Not at all.  Even if I AM sitting still, I am not.  In fact, I had one turkey guide nickname me, “Fidgets”.

This does in fact pose a problem when it comes to turkey hunting.  I. Just. Can’t. Sit. Still.

Having spent a good amount of time pursuing turkeys this spring, it has become sport for me to keep on the run.  While this technique of run and gun flies in the face of most methods of turkey hunting, it has become one of my favorite endeavors!

Ok, I confess.  I can sit quietly early in the morning.  Even if I have had 3 cups of coffee.  I may be twitchy, but I can sit and wait for the gobblers to come down from their roost, round up their hens and get on the move.  I can sit and call and be patient.  I can sit and assess the movements of the birds.

Until they move away from me.  Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

All joking aside, this method of hunting can indeed be successful.  With a bit of planning and a willingness to take a chance, you can indeed spot and stalk that bird.

  1. Understand the typical movements of the birds you are hunting:  If you are familiar with their roosting patterns, you should also have an idea as to which directions they tend to move. Don’t be afraid to spend a few mornings and evenings just observing.  Once the birds are on the move, it is often easy to plan a quick route to cut them off.
  2. Have a good understanding of the land and cover:  Be aware as to where the water sources are.  Know where the brush breaks are and where your best routes are located.  This enables you to get into a new location quickly, efficiently and quietly.  Nothing is more frustrating than being on the move only to be stopped by impassible obstacles. Spend time scouting the areas before the season. Once you know the best routes, it becomes quite easy to run and gun once the birds are on the move.
  3. Do not over pack.  I am perpetually amazed when I see turkey hunters laden down with huge packs and vests.  While taking a bit of water is a necessity, taking 3 litres for a 4 hour morning hunt is a bit more than necessary.  While it is entirely unconventional, I suggest not wearing a pack.  At all.  I have found that carrying my calls in my pockets and lumbar compartments is most efficient.  I am a minimalist- I carry my calls, my phone, my license and very compact flashlight.  All of this fits in my pockets.  I carry my shotgun shells in my cargo pockets and I am off.  A huge bulky pack or vest is noisy and a hindrance to any sort of quick movements.  Just try running with a turkey vest.  You’ll see what I mean.  Now, when it comes to decoys, I prefer to take one hen decoy that is very sleek and portable and can be carried while on the run.
  4. Be willing to take a chance:   Why not?  So you’ve sat and the birds just aren’t coming in despite all of your efforts.  Now, moving in or around on birds is not without potential risks.  Turkeys can be educated quite easily and moving about recklessly through their grounds can cause them to re-pattern.  The key is to know the best routes to move behind or around the birds without being detected.


While this method of turkey hunting is not at all for everyone, I have found it to be fun, entertaining and quite challenging.  It works with my caffeine fueled inability to remain still.


From the Prois Ladies Room- Keeping College Age Kids in the Field

By:  Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

As all of us who have hunting families know, getting your kids hooked on hunting early is the key to a life- long passion.  How many hunting seasons have we all encountered where the kids are the first ones popping out of bed, chattering in the truck and getting amped up on typically ‘outlawed’ snacks?

As our kids grow older, life starts to get in the way of the previously sacred hunting seasons.  High school sports no longer recognize that missing school to go hunting is not really considered a family emergency.  And why is it that Homecoming is ALWAYS during hunting season.  Scholastics?  Sheesh, apparently the National Honor Society does not view “a brief illness resulting it missing a few days of school” during hunting season as reasonable.  What’s a kid to do?  At the end of the day, as kids get older, the hunting seasons get shorter to accommodate the demands of high school life.

Then comes college.  Now the debate starts.  Do we put the girls in for tags or points?  Can they get time off to come hunting?  Do we burn points in hopes that they can make it home for a couple of days?  Will they be able to continue hunting as their lives pick up steam and propel them in different  directions?

This year, we debated heavily over what to do with both of our daughters with regards to putting in for licenses.  Both were attending college in state, but not close enough to make a trip home easy.  Our oldest daughter was tied down with school and two jobs and we knew it would be unlikely that she could get enough time off to hunt.  We gambled on our youngest and put in for her buck tag.

As the season drew closer, she was able to make a brief trip home to help scout for muleys.  Keeping in mind that school is located four hours away.  The distance of the trip, coupled with the scholastic demands of her engineering program made it clear to all of us that it was going to be difficult to do much scouting.

The week before the season opened, it became clear that not only was she not going to be able to make it home on opening weekend due to a heavy school load. She wasn’t going to be able to come home until late on Thursday night on the closing weekend.  This quite literally left about two days of hunting.  We were all feeling a bit disheartened at this but decided to make it happen.  Did we make a mistake by trying to push the season?  Should we have elected not to burn her points?  The real issue brewing in our minds was centered around the fact that we knew our  family hunting adventures were most likely changed forever.

We hit it early on Friday morning on closing weekend.  We spotted a number of bucks but none of which were what she was after.  At the close of the day, she passed on three decent bucks.  She was happy with her choices and really wanted to hold out for a larger buck.  We headed home and knew that she only had one day left to hunt as she had to head back to school on Sunday.

We hit it early again on Saturday.  The bucks were definitely moving, and again, we encountered a number of nice bucks.  However, none of them were what Haydyn had in mind.  Unspoken to her, her father and I were worried she would come up short for the season and we were hoping beyond hope that we could encounter the buck she wanted.  We knew this would be extremely unlikely, and Haydyn was fine with that.  It just takes time, and time was the one thing we did not have this year.

As the morning drew on, she passed on two bucks that would have made most hunters quite happy.  Then it happened.  A nice 170+ inch buck worked his way into a clearing about 350 yards away.  This was the one!  Well, we thought.  She sat back and considered this buck for a while trying to decide if he was the one for her.  This really did feel like dog years between the time she saw this buck to the time she decided to pursue him.  She made the move and he drew a bit closer.  She leveled off her shot at 285 yards and dropped him immediately.  We were thrilled!

She got her buck.  To her credit, she never settled on anything less than what she wanted, even though she knew her time was limited and the potential for success was unlikely.  She was thrilled.  And we were proud.  Not because she was able to get her buck, but because she had grown into a mature hunter who realized she didn’t want to feel pressured to take an animal she didn’t want because she felt pressed for time.

By the way…that buck turned out to be a 178” buck.

We got home that night and took care of her buck.  She packed up and left early in the morning.  We have no idea what the next few hunting seasons will bring with our kids.  What we do know is this, these kids will be hunters for life.


Haydyn and Steve Pike. Photo Courtesy of Prois Hunting & Field Apparel

Ain’t too Proud to Beg

By Nancy Rodriguez


The first day of spring turkey season is always magical. As I climb under the low tree branches in the dark, I know today will be a great day in the field. I am hunting after all! My decoys are set 20 yards out, ready for some action. I take my stand in the twilight. I quietly adjust myself in the tall, damp grass and slowly place twigs and branches around me for extra concealment. I lean against a mighty oak tree with my backpack next to me and shotgun across my lap. I have my arsenal of turkey calls ready to start their love songs.


As the curtain of darkness starts to rise, I am greeted with the beauty of spring. The new leaves on the trees are fluorescent green and dew sparkles across the blades of grass all around. Birds are singing back and forth, as a butterfly feeds on a lupine flower at my feet. Suspended from “my” oak tree hangs a shiny thread with an oak worm attached to it. It is gently swinging in the morning breeze. Is there anything better than this?


I start with the first song on my playlist…”Love Me Tender.” My slate call sounds great. I hope a gobbler recognizes this song and gobbles. Hmmm…Nothin! Again…Nothin!!! OK, I change the song. Mouth call in for the next song…”I’m Too Sexy”… Nothin!!!

I switch between these two songs for a couple of hours and no action. Damn Birds!!!


As I quiet back down, my right bum cheek starts to go numb. My nose is running to who knows where, and I have a flock of not turkeys around me, but mosquitoes! Only my eyes are showing a small amount of flesh and of course a mosquito finds it. As I realize I’m getting nailed right on my eyebrow, my left bum cheek goes numb. I have an oak worm inching across my knee, and a spider crawling across the rim of my hat. I slowly flick off my buddies just as a gnat flies right into my eyeball. Direct hit! I rub most of him out except for what feels like his left wing. Serves him right! Where’s my turkey? Damn birds!!


Okay, time to bust out my go to song. I use this only when all else fails.  As I break out my box call, I am really ready for some action! I shift on my now completely numb bum and try not to think about my itchy eyebrow. I sniff my runaway bogey nose, blink my eye with a floating gnat appendage in it, and notice there are oak worms dropping down on me like paratroopers! Time to get this show on the road!


Next song up…”Ain’t too Proud to Beg.” As I hit the chorus-GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE! Yeah baby!! I turn up the sound and hit it again…“I AIN”T TOO PROUD TO BEG”. GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE!   This time he’s closer. I aim my barrel in the direction of the gobble and with my adrenaline pumping, I wait. I watch the tall grass for any sign of movement, and pray I will see a glowing red head appear. He moves closer and closer, gobbling as he tries to find the hen singing a song no mother would approve of. I line up my fluorescent orange bead on the beautiful red head that magically appears and pull the trigger. Poor thing, he didn’t stand a chance.

A Prois chick playing “Ain’t too Proud to Beg” gets them every time!!!

NEW Prois Field Staffer Becky Lou Lacock!!

Becky Lou Lacock is an avid outdoors girl from the word GO! But it hasn’t been that long ago her life took a turn from indoors to EXTREME Outdoors! Her shooting and hunting adventures began later in life, and her excitement and enthusiasm just seems to spill out onto everyone around her.

Born and raised in Louisiana, now residing in Texas, Becky Lou is 110% girl and will be the first to tell you that she doesn’t like bugs, critters, or snakes, but her passion for being outdoors is strong and a little dirt, or even or a tick (or two) cannot keep her from all the adventures that lie beyond the Wild Blue Yonder! She actively hunts year round including but not limited to deer, Turkey, Hogs, Ducks, Birds, and always and various predators. Sport shooting is often on her agenda including Sporting Clays, and she actively competes in Cowboy Action Shooting noted with her registered S.A.S.S alias “Sassy Bandit”.

Spending most of her life indoors, she is keenly aware that there are many women that do not consider most outdoor sports simply because they do not have 3 very important things; 1.) Information, 2.) Encouragement and 3.) Inspiration. This has helped define her mission in life, which is to provide these 3 things to women using all platforms made available to her.

Becky Lou in noted in the industry as a contributor to bringing awareness to the women of the world that the door to the Outdoor World is open to each and everyone of them. As a Freelance writer, she contributes stories and product reviews for various online and printed magazines and websites. She organizes women’s hunts across the country, appears for motivational seminars with emphasis on the fact that the door is open, and the Welcome sign is out for women into the Great Outdoors!

She is an avid volunteer for events and workshops teaching and inspiring women into outdoor activities. With her first TV appearance in early 2010, she has since appeared several times, as guest host, featured hunter, and is currently Co-Host of Double Lung Outdoors TV.

Early on she coined and later trademarked the phrase “Camo can be Classy”™, and can often be quoted with her favorite line, “Shooting.. it may be for you, or it may not, but it is definitely worth a Shot!”

From the Windows…to the Walls…Oh Wait… How Prois Becomes the Final Resting Place for Wayward Mounts

By: Kirstie Pike, CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

OK. We have too many windows in our house. Not enough walls.

Let’s face it. We have fabulous views. Amazing sunrises. Gorgeous sunsets. We can gaze out over the ranch and Blue Mesa Reservoir. Yes. We have windows.
Walls? Not so much.

Why is this a problem, you might ask?

We are quite simply out of room. No more room for goat mounts. No more room for Dall sheep mounts. Nope. Don’t even think about another moose…the current moose on the wall will never come down without a divorce decree. And even if it did- I can neither confirm nor deny that it most likely cannot fit out any doors. We still don’t know how we got it inside in the first place. So where would the extra mounts end up? Prois of course.

It dawned on me today that this was becoming problematic while I was cleaning the Prois warehouse (yes…I do this. I am the CEO and I do this. I also clean toilets but that is a story for another day) I was trying to sort through crates and boxes when I kept tripping over some elk mounts conveniently stored here. Yes. Plural. There are two. Sitting on the floor by the bay doors. And trust me, they do not conveniently tuck up close to the wall. Or anything else for that matter.

These suckers have been down here for months now. And let me tell you…they are gorgeous. However, one currently functions as a rack for the broom and shop vac. The other is simply a nuisance and occasionally gores unsuspecting shipping clerks who aren’t on the top of their game. Don’t believe me? Take a peek.

I don’t know how or why they are here, but I am willing to bet this is not how they envisioned their sweet eternity.

Don’t fret. They are not alone. The warehouse and office walls are cluttered with bucks, bulls, geese and mountain lions that found themselves homeless. I have to confess…we even have a bull on the wall that belonged to a friend who just couldn’t take it with him to his new forever home. So I am now in the adoption business. For a limited time, we even had a sheep down here that was perilously close to Bunbun’s cage and resulted in a head-butt each time we fed the rabbit. We had a name for said sheep, but believe it or not we just can’t share that.

I have been working tirelessly to decide what to do with all of these wayward mounts. My 17 year old currently uses the moose at our house for a clothes drying rack. Good idea. But we don’t do laundry down here. So that seems senseless. While functioning as racks for cleaning supplies currently works… it just doesn’t feel majestic. Put them on the wall? Oy…we are out of wall room here too. Toilet paper holders? Eh…this would make a trip to the bathroom a bit perilous and I’m not certain Work Comp covers this.

What’s a girl to do?

Goat Chronicles ~ Kirstie Pike, CEO of Prois Actually Draws a Goat Tag Before She Reaches Medicare Eligibility.

By: Kirstie Pike, CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

It’s no secret…I have had a hankering to hunt goats for years. Many years. When I started applying, I had toddlers. Now I have kids in college. You do the math. With anticipation that rivals that of the birth of the new Royal in Great Britain…I have been waiting to see if I drew my tag.

Not that my goat is more important than William and Kate’s baby. Maybe equal. Maybe.

The conversation went something like this…
(Steve) We should know today if we drew any goat tags. Gonna’ check.
(Me) Cool. However, by the chance I draw said tag I will be too old to go. I think the Division of Wildlife does that on purpose. If the NSA can monitor my every move, I am certain the DOW must be able to calculate my potential increasing age/declining health over time. Once I hit that “golden age”, BAM…I will draw a goat tag when I won’t be physically able to go.(ok…maybe they don’t… this could be a mild tantrum. Sorry, NSA if I have offended you…but you probably knew I was going to write this blog before I started it. I hope you like it!)
(Steve) silence…keyboard clicking… Dude. You drew your tag.
(Me) Wuh? I suppose this means the DOW thinks I’m old and fat.
(Steve) …silence…

Over the past month, Steve has made it quite clear he is tired of my own version of a knock-knock joke…
(Me) Speaking of goats…guess who drew a tag?
(Steve) Um. You?
(Me) Excellent guess! In fact, I DID!
(Steve) Who knew?

OK…so I drew! Finally. After more than a decade of trying, it seems it’s my turn! And so the adventure begins!

The weekend provided great opportunity for some high-peak scouting. Finding ourselves over 12,000 feet gave great opportunity to get a lay of the land…or actually..the precipices. While this is an area with which we are quite familiar, I have to admit…it is WAY more fun to scout for MY goat. After a great day spent scaling the ridges and glassing I am beyond excited to get this hunt underway. I look forward to the physical rigors of this hunt as well as the thrill of the isolation of the high peaks. Stay tuned as we pen the next Goat Chronicles and I will try to keep my exuberance under wraps.

Speaking of goats…guess who drew a tag?

Words Are Not Just Words- Anti-Hunters Take Special Aim at Female Hunters

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

I spent a few minutes today perusing some blogs and articles about hunting which I do daily so I can keep a good grasp on what is happening out there in the industry.

I crawled through a couple of great new posts about industry highlights.  I crawled through a couple of, well, heinous posts by anti-hunters.  After about 15 minutes I had to sit back for a minute.

Incoming epiphany.

I started to notice something. Words. So many powerful words.

Anti-Hunters hate female hunters much more than they hate their male counter parts.  Much more.  It is almost surreal.  I continued to surf a variety of sites and social media platforms about anti-hunters.  While the anti-hunters say plenty of berating and evil things about male hunters, they actually take the fight against female hunters to a completely different level. Don’t believe me?  Peruse some of this garbage yourself and see what you think.  I would love to give you links to specific sites, but I refuse to give these people additional attention.  It’s all easy to find out there!

Recently I have read some very interesting words.

I read how a female hunter that I personally know should have her face shot off.  Tis true. “Shot off”.

I read how another female hunter that I know very well should have her children “shot as she watches on”.  Yes.  Condoning shooting children.

I read how another female hunter should be “slowly tortured”.  Tortured.

Take a second to let those words sink in.  Tortured.  Face shot off.  Children shot.

Additionally…It became clear to me today that if a female hunter is attractive- she is billed as ridiculous, feeble-minded and even slutty. She hunts only to get a man.  She should have her face shot off.  Oh wait…I think I mentioned that one. Ridiculous.  Feeble-Minded. Slut.

If a female hunter is not as attractive- she is billed as a toothless hillbilly, inbred, and “so ugly that hunting is the only way she could get a man”.  But wait…isn’t that what they said about the attractive female hunter?  Jeez.  Come on guys…which is it?  Ugly. Hillbilly. Inbred.

If a female hunter has children- they should be “exterminated”. Exterminated.  Some of the kinder responses happily do not condone killing children as that would be, um, messed up.  However,they do mention that if a female hunter exposes her children to hunting- the children must be taken away as this is deemed to be child abuse.  Child abuse.

If a female hunter does not have children- she should be “sterilized”. Sterilized.

This is downright scary.  I do want to mention that I completely believe in the freedom of speech as that is part of the basis of our country.  I fully appreciate the fact that not everyone agrees with hunting or hunters.

However, why is it that the anti-hunting world deems a female hunter as more despicable or dastardly than a man?  It certainly cannot be as simple as that X vs Y chromosome?

Why are female hunters viewed as almost demonic?  What is it about women hunters that triggers another human being to will death and destruction on her?  What is it about women hunters that elicits comments about her looks and apparent motives?  What elicits such words?

Face shot off.  Tortured. Children shot.  Exterminated. Sterilized. Slut. Ugly. Feeble Minded.

I know…I know…many of you were probably waiting for the lighter side on this blog.  While I typically love to speak to the funny and obscure, I found myself feeling somewhat uneasy about this topic today.

I’d love to hear what you all have to say about it!




Prois Home Hunting Parties Gets A Facelift! Now EVERYONE Can Join the Fun!!

Do you love Prois? Do you like to party? Do you like to make money? Do you want to go on a Colorado Mt. Lion Hunt? CHECK IT OUT! We have made some exciting new changes for 2013! Welcome to the Prois Home Hunting Party Consultant program!

Who is eligible to become a Hunting Party Consultant?
You are! Prois is in search of women like you who are energetic, outgoing and ready to invest in their future to earn some additional income. A love for hunting and shooting is a must, and well, since you are already interested in this unique program- you must love the outdoors as much as we do! Simply set a party date, contact Prois and throw your own Hunting Party!

How do I become a Hunting Party Consultant?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
1. Contact us here at Prois Hunting Apparel.
2. We will help you set up a personal party and send you samples for your party.
3. Throw your shindig…fill orders…earn rewards! How cool is that!?

How do I prepare for my own party?
Once you have contacted Prois, our Home Hunting Party Coordinator will help you identify what gear may be best suited for the time of year, your geographic region and the wishes of you and your friends. We will send a small package of samples, catalogs and ordering instructions. The sample package will not be charged to you, but the cost of the package will be authorized and held on your credit card until the samples are returned to Prois.
Prois will also provide an e-template for invitations for you! The rest is up to you! Party down in the true Prois spirit! Share our amazing products with your friends and family. Place orders at the time of your party and partygoers will receive a 10% discount on all items ordered at that time!

So…what’s in it for the hostess??
Well, not only do you get to have a party and that is always a good thing…you will earn a whopping 20% of total sales from your party that can be applied to your own purchase or it could be used against any of the samples that you might wish to keep. Bada Bing. Additionally…once your party is over…ship the samples back to us and you are done! This is fantastic for those who fear commitment.

How do partygoers place orders at a party?
We’re glad you asked. It’s so easy. You will be issued a coupon code for your party. Partygoers will simply place their orders online using that coupon code which will earn them their discount at the time of check out. The best part…we will ship orders out the very next day from Prois, so you do not need to go through the messy hassle of receiving a large order and delivering to your friends. Again…this is so easy it hurts.

Do I have to continue throwing parties?
Nope! The best part about being a Home Hunting Party Consultant is that you can throw one party or one hundred parties. It’s up to you. You just contact us whenever you want to throw a party and we will get you set to jet. The fun part? You can throw a party whenever you want! Think of the possibilities. Prois Bridal Shower? Why not. Prois Christmas Party? Absolutely. Prois Groundhog Day Party? Of Course!

What if I am an over-achiever and want to be the best consultant of the year?
Funny you should ask. Each year, Prois sets up a competition for the Home Hunting Party Consultants. We track your sales through the year, and the consultant who sells the highest volume wins a prize of unspeakable value…an opportunity to attend a 2014 Colorado mountain lion hunt with the Prois crew! (Prois will cover the cost of the guide, but travel, licenses, tips and other expenses are on you) How cool is that!? Seriously.

Could it get any better than all that!?!
This is Prois…of course it could! We will be providing a theme for parties each year. Should you choose to use our themes to decorate and plan…all you have to do is send us photos of your shenanigans. The most original use of our theme will earn you yet another prize of unspeakable value! But that is a secret…and a very fun and crazy secret. So get at it! So…for 2013, our theme is…wait for it… “Cougars!….Kitty’s Got Claws” We have NO doubt that you can have some fun with this one!

So…how do I get started with this unique opportunity?
Email us at! You can also call if you want. We will talk to you. (970) 641-3355!