November 7th, 2013

Shipwrecked in Alaska (At least temporarily!)- Prois Was There Too!

I live in southeast Alaska, near Wrangell.  I went on a day hunt in mud bay, called up two does but no bucks.  After six hours of hunting we came back to discover our boat was high and dry. The tides in this area are huge…


The boat was tied but we neglected to anchor it properly, lesson learned..


We built a fire and waited for the tide to come back in, that’s a long wait without any food or marshmallows to toast, but we did get to hear some really nice whale songs! 7 hours later at midnight the boat was finally floating. We Hooked up a spot light and boated back to Wrangell.. slowly in the dark.  A great adventure but I think once was enough. The best part of this story,  I was wearing my new Prois and STAYED WARM!!! Yeah baby!!  I will try for my Buck again this weekend but this time I am taking a bigger anchor.. Giggle!!

Love your website and clothes!


Photo Courtesy of Bear Jenkins


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