Cleanliness is Next to Kirstieness

By Katherine Grand


Kirstie Pike, AKA Manshoe, and CEO of Prois Hunting Apparel is insanely clean and organized person.  She derives more pleasure from cleaning out her garage than I do from eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  She is borderline OCD if not certifiable.  I am confused by her tendencies as cleaning my garage is akin to my own personal hell and I am extremely good at finding things I would rather do than clean or organize, hence, the state of my house.

Kirstie's pristine work area

Working  for  Kirstie has been a challenge and  a crash course in cleanliness and organization to say the least.  She very patiently leaves me subtle notes from my inanimate objects within my office that tell me they are very sad about being dirty.

Kirstie is currently on the road through March 5th and I am here all by my lonesome sitting in my quiet lonely cave with no music and the shades drawn tight.  Somehow my desk knew Kirstie would be gone and spontaneously erupted.  Luckily I have almost two weeks to wallow in my own filth before boss lady returns and I find a vacuum cleaner parked in my office.  

Sad but true, my messy desk



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  1. You’ve got nothin on me… Kirstie would probably have a heart attack and keel over if she sat at my desk. Just sayin.

  2. Oh Katherine, I could never marry you – we are far too much alike in this respect. I couldn’t marry Kirstie either – you wouldn’t see my inanimate objects for notes (picture those swarms of Monarch butterflies). What I really need is a slave who loves shopping, cooking, cleaning, and being dragged round the globe on hunting expeditions and safaris but, despite the illustrations, I can’t find any listed in the Próis categories. :/

  3. I am laughing my a$$ off! I have read it like 3 times now!!!! Why am I now feeling anxious about coming back to work????

  4. This is hilarious! I moved my office out of my house because I could be organized enough with the kiddos and into the Lodge to move it back into my house when I realized that between the boss and the trainees I’d never get anything done! (AND their paraphernalia!)

    Two things. First, I AM certified! And Alwyn, I make a GREAT SLAVE!! LOL

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