BunBun is Pissed

By Katherine Grand

After a long weekend without human companionship, BunBun has decided to trash the office to celebrate my return.  I checked his food, I checked his water, and he was not without provisions.  The office was closed last week Thursday and Friday as I was off to a wedding in Missouri and Prois CEO Kirstie Pike and family are away to Hawaii.  Since Missouri is a far cry from Hawaii  I have been exceedingly jealous of all the photos she has been posting on facebook specifically to taunt me.  Unfortunately it is less acceptable for me to run around the office making messes, chewing on things, and pooping everywhere than it is for BunBun so I have fewer outlets for my frustrations.  Here’s a picture of BunBun amid his thoroughly tossed and chewed upon UPC codes which display his protest at the lack of  the “BunBun Appreciation Time” he is so accustomed to.  Hopefully I will be able to clean up after him or else blame all the office messes on him when Kirstie returns.


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