Barb Baird in Kansas City

Here's Barb Baird with a foreign model from Cabela's. She wasn't nearly as friendly as Marsha, the mannequin from Colorado. Photo by Jackie Thompson.

By Barbara Baird, Prois Pro-Staff

As a member of Próis Hunting Apparel’s Pro-Staff, one of my favorite tasks is to meet other huntresses and discuss not only the importance of choosing performance-based clothing, but also why they hunt. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet many women at Cabela’s Fall Great Outdoor Days in Kansas City, Kansas.

“Outfitting the Female Hunter” was the seminar topic. Prois offers the complete line of functional, performance-based apparel. Layered properly, it works with the huntress. It is a tool, just like the firearm or bow that she chooses for the hunt.

Mostly, I met women that came to buy camo for upcoming whitetail, mule deer and elk hunts this fall. They looked for warmth and function from their investments. And camo is an investment.

They hunt because they want organic meat and because they understand that hunters are conservationists. They also mentioned, again and again, the solitude and spirituality that being outdoors offers them. They like the connection between themselves and Mother Nature.

Here's Beth Ann Amico, a dog trainer and outdoor writer, from Oklahoma, who was there with her husband, John. They gave seminars on getting your retrievers ready for the fall hunting seasons. Photo by Jackie Thompson.

And, it was heartening to see all the fathers bringing their daughters by, either to shop, or for the girls to tell me that they were going hunting with their dads. A lot of them were too young to fit into the clothes yet, but still, it was great to witness the relationships out there between dads and their daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives – all who have an extra bond because of the outdoors.

The Marsha factor

In fact, the mannequin refused to wear the Prois ball cap one afternoon, and instead, chose a Mad Bomber cap. But then again, her ears were cold. Photo by Jackie Thompson.

But, one thing … I missed Marsha. For some reason, Marsha returned to the sender early. According to CEO Kirstie Pike, they sent the oldest, most reliable mannequin (named Marsha) out and she promptly came back – a UPS reject. So, since I was Marsha-less, I had to “make-do” with a Cabela’s mannequin, that was quite cold and heartless. She wasn’t as easy as Marsha (who is headless and only a torso chica) to take out for a drink, and don’t even get me started about what we had to do to dress her. Think “Arm Removal 101.”

So, next time, I’m going to write in my contract that unless Marsha shows up for the party, well, I’ll need to rethink the whole idea.

We wondered if it was safe in the fitting rooms. Photo by Jackie Thompson.

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  1. It sure is great to hear other ladies stories of why they hunt, and best of all to see the young ones that are the future.

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