Alberta Bighorns

by Prois Field Staffer Meghan Simpson

Growing up in Alberta and having the privilege of purchasing a bighorn tag over the counter at your local Canadian Tire isn’t something you take for granted. You hunt hard and make it a goal every year to go out with friends or family. In my case I choose family.

Papa Simpson

My dad and I have gone out bighorn hunting for the last five years. A father daughter hunt is uncommon, but we make a pretty good team. Taking horses and packing 4 hours into a cold campsite isn’t for everyone but the thought of holding that ram is worth it. From the first hunt up until now I’ve found better and better gear that can withstand the elements these hunts can hand a person. My Prois High Plains Brush Pants really came in handy while sitting in the snow and glassing for hours. 4 out of the 8 days the temperature never got about -18 Celsius. So a girl has to have good warm gear or there might be some whining involved, which lets face it that automatically comes with having daughters!

I’ve been to five different spot hunting in Alberta both Jasper and Banff boundaries. This includes watching amazing ram on the Cadamin mine, which are what dreams are made of. Although I’ve yet to get a ram, I’ve had opportunities that many girls or boys in that matter would only dream about. My dad has put a lot of time and effort to take his daughter out and ram or no ram he’s my top guide.

Meghan Simpson rocking her High Plain Brush Pants

We have been snowed in all day in our wall tent with a mouse visiting every night for a little leftovers. We’ve both frozen our toes, feet and cheeks and fought off grizzly bears. So you might be lucky enough to be an Albertan but that isn’t always the case when it comes to getting an Alberta bighorn. Most say though its not the places you’ve been it’s the people you were with in those places. This has been true for all of my favorite hunting stories.



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