About Us

As a serious hunter, your craft is not a means to an end. It is a process of discovery, learning and application. You purposely work harder than other hunters by practicing, scouting and researching new technology. Your weapon is cutting edge; your optics are high end; and you need to know you have the latest technology to increase your chances for success. Hand-me-downs or make-do gear are not options for you. Your pursuit is your passion and the gear you choose is vital to your success. You desire a unique look but are not willing to sacrifice comfort or effectiveness in the field. You are a female and a hunter…Take Pride in NOT Being One of the Guys…

Welcome to the world of Prois where we believe women hunt hard and deserve the gear to support their pursuits. What sets Prois apart? It is our belief that women require performance outdoor gear for their hunting and field pursuits. We select only the top rated performance fabrics to provide windstopping, wicking, waterproofing, silence and thermoregulation. We create each item to maximize efficiency and functionality in the field utilizing signature features such as scapular pockets, magnetic snaps, lumbar compartments, ducktail features and more. We take great pride in the fact that our gear is made an overall commitment to you, the female hunter.

Words From The CEO

Kirstie CEO Photo7 years. That’s right…Prois is now 7 years old. Who knew that a fledgling idea could turn into this amazing company surrounded by amazing women? Well…I didn’t. That’s why I kept my day job for a couple of years.

As we move into 2014 we are thrilled at the prospects of what this year will bring with our new lines of gear and our continued expansion into the world market. Yes. I said world. We anticipate great things and look forward to what our crazy band of followers, fondly referred to as “the Posse” will stir up. We have survived gnomes, narwhals, Cheetos, unicorns and even a brief infatuation with mustaches. Game on, ladies and gentlemen. (and I use those terms loosely!)

All joking aside, Prois is proud to serve as the premier manufacturer of technical women’s hunting gear. We believe that women hunt hard and they too need the gear to sustain their hunting and shooting endeavors. We cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support, humor and lifelong friendships.

Oh..and just a friendly disclaimer…at Prois, your mom is not really YOUR mom. She’s a metaphorical mom.
Carpe Diem!

Kirstie Pike, CEO, Founder and Head Bathroom Cleaner
Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women