2012 Prois Award Finalist Spotlight! Meet Candace Crick!

I’m Candace Crick, mom of 5 boys, married to my best friend, hunter, competitive archer, angler, and outdoors enthusiast along with a lengthy compilation of various other titles. 6 years ago, I met my husband, who changed me indefinitely. When I first met him, I thought he was crazy spending so much time in the woods, but eventually I was curious to see what all the hype was about. He was leery of me wondering, and I leery of the hype. After experiencing buck fever for myself, I am transformed for life.

Archery hunting became my biggest endeavor. For 2 years, I spent playing reindeer games with whitetails in the woods, often left frustrated and in tears. I have been busted flinging arrows from rooftops and ladders, practicing the real elevation scenario presented from the old might tree stand. Eventually, I discovered archery competitions, a perfect opportunity to help me flourish as an archer. Much to my surprise, I won gold in my first tournament leading to several other rankings from thereon out. In 2011, I won a 2 week elimination style shoot out. I aspire to become more involved in ASA on a national level, and have started my venture of a Grand Slam with my bow. Archery is my fire, I live it, love it, breath it!

In 2012, I became the first certified 4H archery coach for Lincoln County, since the 1980’s. It is not just about teaching my children, the art and skill of archery; it’s about the younger generations as a whole. I take pride in the journey I have gotten to experience with my children, not just being a mom but a coach and teammate as well. The mere fact, that I can inspire one to pass this on for generations to come is a reward in itself.

I was once told by a man, women belong in their women’s clubs back home not at deer camp. Who was he to deem what club I should join? I am not angry with this man, as he has become my motivation. I found out there all kinds of women’s hunting clubs, and even banquets. For the past 2 years, I have been on the banquet committee, for our local NWTF WITO, Camo & Pearls. I aspire to make this event grow in mass numbers. We are here to support each other; we are the vitality that will make this dream a reality. There are so many of us in today’s society affixed on winning gold for themselves, or bragging about the “booner” on their wall, confined with dark walls of self-greed. It is my goal to be devoted to sharing my love and passion of archery and hunting, even if I have to share all my secrets. I want to set an example in the industry. My motto is practice what you preach, and preach what you practice.

I, like others, have had my fair share of losses, as well as success stories. It’s called hunting for a reason, if we are all rewarded each time we went out then what would be our drive? In 2011, I harvested my first traditional archery harvest, a 250 lb. wild boar. I have camped in the mountains of Idaho, harvesting a cinnamon color phase black bear with my compound. I have camped in the bush of Alaska, being one with nature and the grizzlies, harvesting my first Yukon Moose. I learned the art of fly fishing, by catch and release only, and have had the opportunity to fish the sea for Halibut, the fish with 2 eyes on one side. I have eaten yellow fin tuna hearts for the simple tradition of fisherman’s luck. I have driven to the furthest tip of Northern Quebec, on a DIY Caribou hunt, blessed with opportunity to witness at hands length, the migration. Something I feel the Discovery Channel can’t do justice of its sheer beauty. I am currently active staff for several outdoor companies. I had my first magazine article published in 2012.

All things are possible in life no matter what we may deem unconquerable, whether it’s accomplishing shooting a bow, or the finesse of fly fishing. Sometimes we just need a helping hand and open heart. I hope to be that person to as many as I can possibly touch. By being nominated for the PROIS Award, I hope to be one step closer to my goal of illuminating my raw felt passion and love of the outdoors, one arrow at a time!


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  1. Having interviewed numerous lady hunters over the years on Hunt Talk I say KUDOs to all the participants. Knowing there are highly experienced hunters like the PRIOS ladies giving back to the hunting industry certainly makes my job a lot more enjoyable and the listeners sure enjoy the interviews!
    Good luck to all the contestants.
    Peter Wood – Host of Hunt Talk on Ripple Outdoors

    • Peter. I was a contestant last season. And Prois does an amazing job spotlighting us all year long. I am in the final 4 of the extreme huntress for this year. http://www.extremehuntress.com

      Prois has an amazing staff behind their name & I’m proud to help advertise them in any way. It’s an honor to have been apart of this Competiton. Growing women in the outdoors is my passion besides archery. I hope to be apart of Prios and other amazing organizations god years to come. Would love to talk more with you Peter! Thanks for supporting us women!


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